Practical training of Linguistics and Translation Faculty’s students.
Our students undergo traineeship at the following organizations and enterprises:

  • Medical center “Medmarin”;
  • Department for culture and tourism of Odessa city Council;
  • TRIS Translation, ltd.;
  • Public organization “Association of translators and philologists;
  • POE “International Agency “Inter Service Plus” Co.;
  • Odessa city Council;
  • OBF “Seamen’s House”
  • Chief department for foreign economic activity and European integration of Odessa region state administration;
  • Public organization “Alternative”;
  • “Slovo” translation bureau;
  • “Feod group” tourist agency;
  • Odessa International School, ltd.;
  • “Tourism Factory”, ltd.;
  • British Council;
  • “Cheshire Cat”, ltd.;
  • “Aspect-Ukraine” Co;
  • Odessa secondary school No 38.


Language training abroad
While studying foreign languages special emphasis is placed not only on acquiring theoretical knowledge but also on its practical application especially in the situation where the students are able to improve their practical skills in the process of actual communication with native speakers.  The Faculty of Linguistics and Translation offers the possibility of training abroad to all its students, thus improving their proficiency level. This was proven by the example of the following students of the Faculty of Linguistics and Translation: Anastasia Apalyayeva, (4th year), Berenica Dilman (3rd year), Anastasia Groza (3rd year), Julia Kovalyova (3rd year), Olga Polyesko (3rd year), Victoria Taldykina (3rd year) and Ksenia Ishkinyeyeva (4th).
Anastasia Apalyayeva attended German intensive course of Vienna University. The first day was dedicated to taking placement tests and Anastasia coped with the task easily; she was placed in group B 1.1 according to the results.  The course lasted from Monday to Friday; following the completion of the course, Anastasia passed the final examination successfully and received the corresponding certificate.
The students did not miss the opportunity to visit Vienna places of interest in their spare time.

The third year students Berenica Dilman and Anastasia Groza visited China in summer. They studied Mandarin at Zhejiang International Studies University in Hangzhou. The teachers and students developed warm and friendly relations which contributed to the achievement of high results. The students spent their leisure time getting acquainted with Chinese culture and traditional cuisine, visited places of interest and simply had a good time.
Following the summer courses, our students received the certificates attesting the completion of the course at Zhejiang University.

Students of English groups Ksenia Ishkinyeyeva , Julia Kovalyova, Olga Polyesko, and Victoria Taldykina visited the USA this year following  the Work & Travel program.  The students did not only improve their language proficiency level but also learned a lot of new information about the country, its people and culture; in addition, they visited many interesting places and towns.
“We are proud of our students and are ready to support their aspiration to master foreign languages”, said Inna V. Stupak, the Dean of the Faculty of Linguistics and translation.

The Faculty of Economics and Management
Practical training of the Faculty’s students provides for continuity and consistency in the process of acquisition of the necessary volume of practical knowledge and skills depending on the qualification level of Bachelor or Master.
Practical traineeship is conducted following the completion of theoretical instruction and passing of all credit tests and examinations.
Traineeship is the final part of students’ practical education at higher educational institutions and is called to expand and deepen theoretical knowledge and practical skills, which were obtained during theoretical course and as a result of practical training.
This objective is realized through self-study of the production process and fulfilment of production tasks determined by the program of the practice and performed by each student within the framework of the institution (enterprise) or organization.
The base for the practice is established with regard to its type. With the permission of the department, students are entitled to independently choose the place of practice and propose it for further use.
The practical training is organized by managers both from the University and the base of practice.

Within the period of training the following enterprises including industrial, banking and commercial institutions and organizations performed as the base for traineeship, namely: “StroyMaterialResurs” Co.; branch of the City Water Supply Co “Infoxvodokanal”;  “Mary Kay (Ukraine), ltd.”; Odessa branch of “Raiffeisen Bank Aval”;  Odessa Port Department of BSD “Kyivska Rus Bank” Public Co.; “Vival-Tur” Co.; “Print-P” Co. Other industrial banking and commercial institutions included: “Arlog” Co.; “Rozvytok A” Co.; Closed joint stock Co. “Dekoratyvni Kultury”; “Ilirik Co.; “Cordo International, ltd.”; “Matis” Co.; “Furshet Region” state Co.; Joint stock bank “Pivdenyy”; Center for family psychology and individual development “Parusnik”-(Sailing Boat); “Odessaoblenergo” public Co.; “Kopilova” Co.; “Rudkovska” Co.; “Osminog”-(Octopus) copy center of the Department for consumers’ rights protection. “Privatbank”, “Deltabank” and Southern regional 

Customs house should be mentioned among other organizations that serve as the base for traineeship.

Foreign traineeship
The summer of 2014 has traditionally become saturated with bright impressions and professional growth for the students of the Faculty of Economics and Management. This year, the Faculty’s students underwent traineeship in three countries, namely Turkey, Greece and the USA.
The faculty’s students Marina Baurda, Alla Serputko and Olga Kobylko followed the practical training program in various tourist centers of Greece within the framework of cooperation with the “MouzenіdіsTravel” tour company. “In the course of the practical training I did not only get acquainted with the theory of hotel industry and the tour company’s structure but also learned a lot about the country, visited historical and cultural centers of Greece. I studied Greek culture, mentality and features of life. I shared the knowledge and impressions during welcome meetings with tourists and work at hotels. The communication with foreign tourists allowed improving my knowledge of English; further, I obtained initial skills of communication in the Greek language. I would like to thank the University management and my lecturers for support and possibility to obtain invaluable experience of working abroad, which will definitely help me in future”, - the 4th year student Alla noted.
Veronica Zhuzhulova, the 4th year student, had practical training in Turkey from May to September 2014. She practiced as a children’s animator at “Kaya PalazzoGolf Resort” hotel within the framework of cooperation with “Intersportservice” company.
She mentioned that communication with foreign tourist allowed her perfecting the knowledge of English, Macedonian and Serbian.  “It was in such a short period of time that I managed to study the basics of Turkish and get acquainted with Turkish traditions and customs. The work here brought me lots of vivid impressions, new friends and knowledge as well as unexpected meetings. For example, I managed to meet Abraham Russo. I would like to thank the University’s management and the academic staff. I am so grateful to them for the invaluable experience, which I have obtained abroad owing to your support”, Veronica added.
In addition, in the period from May to September 2014, the 4th year student Yekaterina Stashok had practical training in the USA as a hostess in a restaurant within the framework of the “Work and Travel USA” cultural exchange program.
“During the training program I obtained experience of organization and management of the restaurant business and improved my knowledge of English; I also met many awesome people from various countries of Europe, Asia and America. I loved living near the ocean. It was also very interesting to learn the differences between the states of the USA, their people and culture. The invaluable experience of working abroad will undoubtedly help me in my future studies and professional activity”.