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In the middle of the summer season, songs were sung in the favorite vacation spot of all Odessa residents and guests of our city - in Zatoka, and vacationers lit the stage with their cheerful and rhythmic dances. The most striking cultural event of the summer - the final of the vocal competition "Songs by the Sea" is traditionally held at the recreation center of the National University "Odessa Law Academy", located on the seashore.

According to the initiator and main inspirer of this competition - the President of Odessa Law Academy, the honorary citizen of Odessa and Zatoka Sergey Vasilievich Kivalov, holding an open-air competition on the coast itself helps participants cope with the excitement and maximizes their creative flight:
Today, on this wonderful July evening in Zatoka, we are holding the final of the vocal contest “Songs by the Sea”, which has already become famous, loved by residents of all parts of our large Odessa region. The name of the contest speaks for itself – to decide where to hold it, we decided to combine the most beautiful forms of art - a song and a beautiful seascape that will maximize the attractiveness of the participants. In Ukraine, there are definitely no analogues of such a vocal competition as ours. As such competitions are usually held - in concert halls, where it is stuffy, there are a lot of people, everyone is worried, and this creates such a tense atmosphere when it is difficult to perform, especially for children. But in order to sing well, to do oneself his best way, one needs to be relaxed on the contrary, feel confident, and this is facilitated by the open air and the proximity of the sea, when there is no hall that fetters, everything happens in a relaxed atmosphere. And this is one of the main secrets due to which our vocal competition has gained such popularity in just three years and every year it grows, as does the number of its participants.

A song contest on the shores of the world's bluest Black Sea is being held for the third time and has gathered the biggest number of participants of all ages, from preschool children to adult vocalists. More than five hundred contestants came to the qualifying stages. The semi-final of the competition was traditionally held in the Rotunda of the city garden. A professional jury selected the 50 best performers who fought for the main victory. Solo performers, duets, and groups presented their work to the jury. There were songs of various genres, performed in various languages ​​- Russian, Ukrainian, English, French. The efforts of the participants were evaluated by the real meters of the stage - the leading representatives of pop and classical vocals. This year, the jury board was supplemented by the founder and head of the DCVoice vocal studio Dmitry Capitan.
Many thanks to Sergei Vasilievich Kivalov, because really few people invest in creativity, culture, art, invest in children, because it requires money that does not always come back and it requires a lot of energy. Really a very good competition, wonderful atmosphere, a good professional jury, everything is at the highest level,
- notes Dmitry Captain.
The festival evening was literally in one breath: the participants delighted the audience with their vocal compositions, and they, in turn, applauded loudly and sang along with joy and even danced. And then came the moment that everyone was looking forward to: the announcement of the results of the 3rd vocal contest “Songs by the Sea.” It was not easy for jury to choose the favorites, because all the participants did their best: some were bewitched by the strength and penetration of their voices, others were overwhelmed by their artistry and an interesting manner of performance.

 After all the meetings and consultations, a difficult choice was nevertheless made and the presenters first announced the audience award, which was deservedly received by the charming kids from the Kidstime collective.

 The third place and the nominal watch from Sergey Kivalov went to the young Roman Ostapovich, who, incidentally, isn’t the first time to take part in the vocal contests "Songs by the Sea" and "I Sing About You, My Odessa."

For 9-year-old Roman Ostapovich, a nominal watch from Sergey Kivalov is the first watch in his life, and he is very proud that he received such a high award for his talent.
When I heard my name among the winners, I was just shocked - I was overwhelmed with joyful emotions. Thank you very much Sergey Vasilievich for such a beautiful watch - this is my first watch in my life, I will wear it with pride!
With the cup for second place and a certificate for a free song recording at the Summer studio, the jury awarded Anna Grabovskaya.

The honorable first place, as well as the certificate for a free master class from Natalia Valevskaya, was won by Alyona Mironyuk.

And, although this is not the first vocal competition in which I take part - this is such a victory - so that it is the first place - well, exactly the first. I was very pleased with the gift - a certificate for a free master class from Natalia Valevskaya - this is a great opportunity to learn something new in order to develop further in my work.
And here is the main intrigue of the evening: the Grand Prix and a ticket for a free vacation at the four-star recreation center "Academy" was won by Victoria Ukhlina, who performed the immortal hit of several generations "I will survive!"
On my own behalf, I want to thank everyone who came up with this festival, all the founders of this festival, the President of our academy, Sergey Vasilievich Kivalov, because this wonderful event is being held thanks to him. I can say for sure, the atmosphere reigned amazing among the contestants and among the spectators, who were very important for us. I was very pleased to be part of this grand show, the best festival in our city and region,
- shared the winner of the Grand Prix and student of the Odessa Law Academy Victoria Ukhlina.
And although, as they say, the competition is a competition, and everyone can’t absolutely win, none of the participants was left without encouragement - without exception, all the contestants were awarded with beautiful diplomas in frames attesting to their participation in this prestigious vocal competition.

The main feature of our competition - we do not limit our participants neither by age, nor by genre, nor by level of performance - we have people performing for the first time trying themselves on stage, and those who have already performed at a very high level, we also do not limit those who participated in past years, on the contrary, we strongly encourage the vocalists to grow, develop on our stage, and there are many such examples - when once they come to our competition, the guys find themselves, begin to engage seriously in vocals, and then win awards, prizes. During the existence of our two vocal contests “I Sing About You, My Odessa” and “Songs by the Sea”, which can be called a continuation, the development of our first contest has revealed many talented vocalists. And now our graduate, the whole Odessa knows him today - Igor Onishchenko, who performed at such concerts for several years, won the competition "I sing about you, my Odessa" today is a soloist of the Vienna Opera! And I’m sure that our participants today have a great future on the stage and everyone has a great incentive to continue their efforts!
- convinced Sergey Kivalov.

I am a member of the jury of the vocal contest "Songs by the Sea" from its very beginning, that is, for the third year in a row. Each time he pleasantly pleases me with the organization and excellent composition of the participants. This year was not an exception. There were a lot of talented guys, who were very difficult to be judged. Nevertheless, we came to a unanimous decision and, I think, chose the best of the best,
- says the soloist of the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater Ekaterina Tsymbalyuk.

The winners are named, the prizes are handed out – th end! But no! The main surprise of the evening for all the participants and spectators was an incendiary performance by the famous Ukrainian singer, winner of the Chance television project, founder of the MUZAProduktion Academy of Arts, member of the jury of international competitions, Natalia Valevskaya. Under her recognizable hits “PALALA” and “Wishes come true!” Everyone started dancing, young and old, and upon hearing the concert, vacationers from neighboring recreation centers pulled themselves onto the stage. A graduate of the Kiev Institute of Intellectual Property and Law, a graduate student of the National University of Odessa Law Academy, Natalia Valevskaya regularly takes part in the cultural projects of Sergei Kivalov. The popular singer is convinced: now it is extremely important for our country to maintain our national culture, including song.

The only way a vocalist can express himself is through the stage. Of course, this is quite an expensive pleasure, both technically and organizationally, but we must understand that without the development of culture, the country simply will not have a future. And this is precisely the main reason why Sergey Vasilievich Kivalov has been conducting vocal contests for so many years in a row and “I sing about you, my Odessa” and “Songs by the Sea”, and it is thanks to such competitions that novice vocalists have the opportunity not only to express themselves , but also get feedback - go to any of the jury members, you can immediately go to a few and get advice - what else you need, learn what you need to pull up, well, and everything else and get such valuable gifts for your participation. And therefore, I believe that what Sergey Vasilyevich and his team do to support song culture in our city, our country is really very important.

The guests of the Vocal Contest “Songs by the Sea” were also the winners of the School League of Laugh, who are now recovering at the comfortable recreation center “Academy” - at the closing ceremony of the School League of Laughter, the winning team received a special gift from the President of Odessa Law Academy Sergey Kivalov - a certificate for a free vacation in Zatoka. All the children from the same class of ONVK No. 6 “Harmony”, this year they graduated from elementary school and now they have just a vacation.
This year, the Odessa University of Law became the general sponsor of the School League of Laugh, which was held for the first time in Odessa. Many thanks to Sergei Vasilievich Kivalov, who gave our guys such a wonderful, amazing, unforgettable vacation. After all, it is so important that the children have a rest, gain strength and begin classes being full of energy. We are also grateful to all the hotel staff for their reverent attitude, for the comfort, for the professional service that we received here. This is the place where you want to return. Many thanks to everyone who organized our vacation and especially to Sergey Vasilyevich for the fact that he is so caring for children and organized more than one competition and becomes the general sponsor of many events for children,
- Elena Alekseevna Pakholok, artistic director of the winning school league team, thanked her, who, along with her wards, also rests at the Academy.
We are the team of “Boo Ming Bai”, and in this season of the School League we became champions. Thank you very much to Sergey Vasilyevich Kivalov and the Law Academy for such an awesome, funny, perky, sporty, creative, family, delicious, champion holiday,
- joyfully exclaim schoolchildren.
By the way, the guys are not resting in Zatoka alone, but with their mothers, who are also delighted with the conditions of their vacation.
These are unforgettable emotions, this is a very cool base, and I think that good memories will remain when the children arrive at school and tell how they spent the summer - there will definitely be something to tell about.
Rest on such a wonderful base not only for our children, but also for parents. Since this is quite expensive and not everyone can afford such a holiday, such a gift is very valuable nowadays.
Members of the Dzhundokan Federation of Ukraine and the karate sports student union are also pleased with the living conditions and the rich entertainment program, in which the "Songs by the Sea" contest coincided with a summer health-improving meeting and a black belt meeting at the Academy recreation center. It should be noted that earlier the federation held the World Cup in goju-ryu karate and the 11th World Cup in karate and kobudo on the basis of the sports complex of the International Humanitarian University at the 8th station of the Big Fountain.

Here on the basis of the Academy there is everything: chic rooms, good conditions, I have athletes eating on the first day today - a wonderful buffet. Recovery systems, procedures, saunas, pools, a hammam - that is, everything you need to restore. Everything is done here for people
- said the President of the Federation of Jundokan of Ukraine Valery Kusiy.

It should be noted that the recreation center “Academy” in Zatoka corresponds to the European level and includes comfortable rooms, conference rooms for various events, a gym, a swimming pool, 2 restaurants with gourmet cuisine - everything is thought out so that Odessa residents and guests from all over Ukraine, as well as foreign tourists were able to relax well, without being distracted by everyday moments. Every year, students, teachers and staff of the National University of Odessa Law Academy and the International Humanitarian University have the opportunity to relax and improve their health on the Black Sea by paying only 15% of the cost of the permit, the rest of the amount is covered by the University's Primary Trade Union Organization.
The place is amazing - the sea, sand, clean air, children, vacationers. The new school year will begin already in September and everyone who is here - they will gain health and in a good mood will go out to work or will continue their studies, and the youngest children with good impressions will go to school,
- concluded Honorary Citizen of Odessa and Zatoka Sergey Kivalov.
Summer vacation continues. There are still many cultural and recreational and sports events that will also take place on the Black Sea coast at the recreation center in Zatoka. And the final of another vocal competition “I Sing About You, My Odessa”, which has been held for more than 5 years on the initiative of Sergey Kivalov, will be held on City Day September 2 in the Rotunda of the City Garden.