Fresh enrollees received congratulations from the President of the University Sergey Kivalov. The academician ensured the youth that they had made the right choice: it won’t be easy, but anyone eager will graduate the College with an accumulation of knowledge and bright future perspectives. For the record, namely enterprises with non-state forms of ownership receive the most promotion in Europe nowadays.
The President of the International Humanitarian University Sergey Kivalov stresses:
“I am deeply convinced: the new specialties that we provide are currently in demand. In what way does the IHU compare favorably with the state educational establishments? In that, we are able to swiftly introduce a new subject whenever it’s necessary. But in case of the state educational establishments it comes a long and complicated way: first, they have to reconcile it with the Ministry of Education, report to the SAS. That’s why the best and most advanced higher educational establishments in Europe are those with non-state forms of ownership. And we are pursuing the same direction”.
The President of the University has also announced that this year a new specialty is introduced in the Economic and Law College aside from those already existing (Law, Economy, Translation and IT), and that is Hospitality and Hotel Management. Today there are already first students who will receive high quality knowledge and master this respectable profession in the near future.
“These professions are in demand. And we’ve invited the ninth-grade leavers for the first intake. We’ve admitted 50 students, which makes for 2 groups. I consider it a very good result for the first intake. I’ve just recently arrived from Zatoka, specialists of these professions are needed there. Perhaps not with a higher education, but rather with a specialized secondary education. I think that it’s a good field of study”, - noted Sergey Kivalov.
The newcomers listened carefully to the advice of the President of the International Humanitarian University. The youth is ready for the upcoming new challenges.
“We were given good advice. It really provides the energy and faith to keep studying and growing”, - says Angelina, a student of the Economic and Law College.
“I have great impressions. The President of the University has motivated the students to study, but at the same time also warned us that it will be difficult. But, since we’ve already enrolled into such a prestigious college, we’re all ready for it”, - says Alexey, another student of the Economic and Law College.
The first-year students consciously chose precisely the IHU’s colleges. According to the youth, they had attended the University for Open Days many times before making their final decision.
“I’ve heard a lot about this college, in particular, that there is a very nice attitude towards the students, great conditions, just treatment, experienced teachers here. I attended the college on the Open Day and then we were shown the facilities, provided with various quests. We were shown the rooms where our classes will be held, the room for lunch, and my first impressions are most positive”, - says Arina, a student of the Economic and Law College.
Maria, also a student of the Economic and Law College:
“I’m interested in the interpreter profession. In my opinion, it’s quite promising. Nowadays one simply has to be able to speak various languages, to read and communicate with other people from different countries”.
Alina, a student of the Medical College, says:
“I think that the training of specialists is more professional here. I’ve chosen the pharmacy profession for myself. I’ve been dreaming of working in medicine all my life, since I was a child. It’s my decision and I’ve already taken first steps towards this goal”.
Lastly, Sergey Kivalov reminded the boys and girls that life of a student doesn’t consist solely of constant studying of the textbooks and ceaseless learning. In the departments of the IHU the youth has a chance to develop all their talents. The material and technical base encourages it in every way possible. But what’s most important is that the students have every opportunity to become true professionals in their fields of choice. Thus, recently two ultramodern Dental Clinics and a Student Pharmacy have been opened at the IHU base, which provide practical framework for the students of Odessa Medical Institute to master their future professions for the following specialties: pharmacy, stomatology, medical care, nursing, physical therapy and ergotherapy.