Almost two years have passed since the opening of the Student Dental Clinic at the International Humanitarian University, which has become a modern, high-tech medical center, successfully implementing one of the most significant social programs - the provision of free dental care. This social project - gratuitous dental services of different degrees of complexity, from therapy to prosthetics for citizens of Odessa, living in the Primorsky district, became possible due to the initiative of the MP and the President of National University “Odesa Academy of Law” and International Humanitarian University Sergey Kivalov.

Since the opening of the Student Clinic, more than 2 thousand pensioners and citizens from socially disadvantaged groups of the population received absolutely free help here. The clinic is provided with unique and high-tech dental and paradontological equipment, which allows the treatment process to be carried out at the highest level of modern dentistry, this is emphasized by its patients:
I don’t go to another clinic, I’m even scared to think about going to another clinic! They have everything new here, they work with German dental fillings. Everything is imported and expensive, you come to the doctor and leave, as if you were not at the dentist,
- patient Lidia Tarasenko focuses on the level of comfort that accompanies the treatment.

The student dental clinic does maintain the same level with leading European medical clinics, where comfort and first-class technical facilities go hand in hand. The person who came here is completely devoid of the entourage of state ambulatories.
The newest scalers, X-ray room, panoramic tomography, which allows to take high-precision images of the oral cavity, a dental laboratory and a Periodontology Center with a 3D printer that allows you to “print” the prosthesis - all this became available to residents of Primorsky District who are not able to pay for expensive dental treatment, thanks to the initiative of Sergey V. Kivalov.

Social project works! - says proudly Sergey Kivalov, who managed to realize an almost fantastic project, making expensive dental care not just affordable, but free, - It works and works efficiently! Here, the attitude to our pensioners is special, especially good, because there are doctors and professors who work here, but the most important thing is that there is the best equipment here!
Leonid Chulak, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, who headed the Honored Scientist of Science and Technology, tells about the clinic:

Our clinic provides absolutely all services, starting with the reception of children. We provide therapeutic, surgical, orthodontic care. For adult patients it is treatment, prosthetics and periodontology, we have a very modern method of treatment. I emphasize that a truly unique equipment has been assembled, for example, a modern skelar, with the help of which therapy is carried out for paradont diseases.
Of course, the citizens of Odessa, who receive such assistance, are grateful for such an initiative. Svetlana Stepanenko, a pensioner, says:
I am here for the first time with a referral from Sergey Vasilyevich, thanks to him very much for taking care of the citizens of Primorsky District of Odessa!
Valentina Mochalina, a pensioner, is also very pleased:
We are very pleased that there is such a Sergey Vasilyevich, and he helped us, all the disabled people and participants of the war!

MP Sergey Kivalov will continue to support people living in the Primorsky District by means of a number of social initiatives, as he has done for several decades. Pensioners, families with many children, seamen, people in need of legal assistance, those in trouble - all these citizens know about the help of MP Sergei Kivalov firsthand.
The project of medical care to the population is another direction, successfully implemented by the personal initiative of the MP against the collapse of the medical reform, which left pensioners, literally, with nothing. According to the parliamentarian, Today in Ukraine, medical reform does not work for the benefit of people, but vice versa. Pensioners were left without any help at all, and that’s why supporting them is very important, - emphasizes Sergey Kivalov.
In order to receive referral to free dental care, residents of Primorsky District who need support and find themselves in a difficult situation need only contact the deputy’s receptionist.

In Germany, France, Britain, people who retire can without any problems come to the clinic, receive some services, go to a resort, abroad, or travel. They also worked, they made contributions, including to the pension fund, and paid taxes. And we have another situation, people are thrown and should find the ways to survive. If you survive, you survive, if you do not survive, so it will. The pain of another person isn’t felt! That’s why all of us will do our best to make these programs work for us. And we will do everything to change this situation, which has developed, the critical situation in our country over the past 5 years, - Sergey Kivalov emphasized.
You can take part in a social project to provide free medical care to residents of the Primorsky District under the “Sergei Kivalov’s People’s Program” by phoning 700-78-30 or contacting the address: Chernyakhovsky str., 2.