“Today our country celebrates two important days at once – the Day of Sea and River Fleet Workers and the Day of Ukrainian Navy. The traditions of celebrating this day have their roots in the times when our country had the greatest in all Europe and one of the largest maritime shipping companies in the world. It so happened that we lost our famous fleet overnight. The destruction of the Black Sea shipping” company became a fatal mistake that managed to push our country decades back. As the result, some of the landlocked states have more sea-going vessels at their disposal than Ukraine despite it having access to two seas. Our country has unique geographical location, which is extremely profitable to the development of the maritime industry, the Ukrainian marine professionals are recognized as some of the best in the world, and therefore we have all the prerequisites for the restoration of the marine complex. Initially Odessa was built as a port city and today it is bound to become the center for the revival of Ukraine’s former might.
We will do whatever it takes to provide our sailors with the opportunity to work in their homeland, and for us to be able to proudly call our country a Maritime state again! Today I sincerely congratulate all the representatives of the marine professions! May your life always steer the right course, your hopes and dreams come true, and the storms pass you by!”
– has the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the President of the International Humanitarian University Sergey Kivalov written on his Facebook page.