Passing the Independent External Testing is required for admission to the Master’s program for many special fields of study. If the year before last the IET certificate was required only of those entering the Master’s program of law studies, now there are few special fields, which do not demand such a certificate, remaining. But the International Humanitarian University offers a considerably wide variety of options.
The IHU does not require the IET certificate for following Master’s programs of Studies: 262 “Law Enforcement”, 035 “Philology”, 226 “Pharmacy (industrial pharmacy)”. A spectrum like this enables many students to choose the Master’s program according to their interests and plans for the future.
The 1st stage of submitting documents for admission to the Master’s program for the aforementioned special fields on the base of Bachelor, Specialist, Master Diplomas will last from July 10th to August 9th.
Documents required of the applicants:
Bachelor, Specialist, Master Diploma and the transcript for it;
A copy of the passport (an extract with the place of residence) and the identification code of the applicant;
6 photos of 3x4 cm;
For men – a copy of the military identification card.
The admissions committee of the International Humanitarian University operates 7 days a week from 9:00 to 18:00 at the following address: Odesa, Fontans’ka Road, 33. The hotline phone number is 719-88-38.