On July 3rd, 2019, a blatant attack has been made on the International Humanitarian University. The intrusion has occurred in broad daylight and involved damaging the property of the private establishment of higher education. The point at issue is that the campaign headquarters of the candidate for People’s Deputy of Ukraine is located in a separate building, which, according to the lease agreement, is utilized in the economic activity of the university rather than the academic activity. It’s especially crucial to note that currently the university admission process is being held in the International Humanitarian University as well as in other higher education establishments of the country. The enrollees are young people, mostly underage, and they have been forced to observe the thuggish actions of ruthless invaders. These illegal actions are viewed by the executives of the University as an attempt to disrupt the admission process, among other things. Besides, the accusations against the International Humanitarian University that the students and the faculty are forced to participate in the election process are groundless, and simply inadequate, even. It’s worth mentioning that all the labour activity at the International Humanitarian University is regulated exclusively by the Labour Code and other laws of Ukraine, and that taking part in various kinds of volunteering is the free choice of each individual.