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The Center of Culture is actively working at the National University "Odessa Law Academy". One of its strongest areas is KVN. This project has existed for more than 10 years, and all the faculties of the Law Academy successfully compete with each other, and three years ago the International University for the Humanities joined. Over time, it became clear that the level of student creativity had outgrown the framework of the existing project, and it was decided to create a new, more ambitious “Academy of Laughter” with the “League of Laughter”.

And here in the Odessa National Philharmonic there was a debut, where everyone could make sure that the guys were performing very successfully: they were accepted with a bang. The hall for 1,200 people is overcrowded, in it, except for the students of "Odessa Law Academy", who support their teams, support groups from all the universities of the city have gathered. Schoolchildren and parents are all delighted.
The National University "Odessa Law Academy" is famous not only for the fact that it graduates highly qualified lawyers, journalists, political scientists, sociologists and psychologists - a platform has been created here for the realization of the most diverse talents of young people studying in it. And it was especially noticeable during the performance, when freshmen appeared on the Philharmonic stage, and their predecessors, who achieved great success on the big screen, sat on the jury.
Presided on the jury President of "Odessa Law Academy" Sergey V. Kivalov.

Today in this beautiful hall of the Odessa Philharmonic a grandiose creative project starts - “Academy of Laughter”. This is a completely new format for our city, which we are implementing in collaboration with the League of Laughter. And our city was not accidentally chosen to embody this wonderful idea - Odessa is known on all continents, first of all, thanks to the incredibly subtle, sincere sense of humor of its inhabitants, and therefore deservedly had the reputation of the world capital of humor. This is a distinctive feature of Odessa citizens, which helps us, without losing optimism, with a smile on his face to endure any life difficulties. Here even the statement such exists, that humor is a lifeline on the waves of life. This is the quality for which we, citizens o Odessa, are so loved and appreciated throughout the world. Laughter is like the sun - it drives off winter from the face of a person, and we are over granted the ability to give people smiles and good mood - so many famous comedians gave the world Odessa! Keeping our unique flavor, we have a lot of activities dedicated to humor. One of them was the Youth Championship in humor, which took place last winter - 21 teams fought for the title of the most cheerful and resourceful, a little later another very interesting event took place - the School League of Laughter, which has an all-Ukrainian status. Looking at these very young humorists, what wonderful fresh ideas they give, how witty they are joking, you know: we have a sense of humor that is inherent in nature itself and is passed on from generation to generation. The main thing is to reveal this talent in time and direct it in the right direction, which we are doing, holding such festivals as today. For members of student teams, this performance is a complete event. They were preparing for a very long time and diligently - they wrote scripts, thought out costumes, jokes, decorations, rehearsed themselves. When you sit in the hall and watch the performances of students - it seems as though professional humorists are playing. Everything is so bright, interesting and fascinating.
- said, welcoming the participants and spectators of the project, President of the National University "Odessa Law Academy" Sergey Kivalov..  

There is a saying that a sense of humor is a sign of an exceptionally high human intellect. It is no coincidence, because humor really develops mental abilities very well. For future lawyers, political scientists, sociologists, psychologists, journalists, representatives of creative professions who study in our universities, participation in various comic events is especially useful - after all, they develop their oratorical skills, learn to stay public and speak in front of the hall - these are the most valuable skills for building a successful career in the specialty, and indeed to achieve success in life.

We decided to meet the trend, and on the basis of the KVN-project, which has existed for more than 10 years, we are launching a new “Academy of Laughter” also for the Cup of the President of the Academy. Moreover, we are the general sponsor of the school “League of Laughter”, which is also held in the city, and I think that these two projects are aimed at making our life better and brighter with the help of humor, like all other projects of the leadership of "Odessa Law Academy" , will acquire not only a national, but also an international scale. Those of our graduates who became the winners of the “League of Laughter” - they glorify not only their university, but also the city, they increase the prestige of our country on a world level.
- says the chairman of the Primary Trade Union Organization of the National University "Odessa Law Academy" Valentin Fedorov.

It is not surprising that graduates of the academy - participants of the festival of past years achieve great success in many all-Ukrainian competitions in humor, participating in television projects and talent shows. Today these guys were on the star jury of the Academy of Laughter. This is a repeated winner of various comic competitions - KVN festivals, a two-time winner of the TV show “Laughing Comedian”, a star of the “League of Laughter” graduate and post-graduate student of the Odessa Law Academy Yuri Stepanets. Also a participant in several seasons of the League of Laughter, Andrei Voskalo, a graduate of the Faculty of Advocacy Yevgeny Fyodorov, a participant in the TV project The Voice of the Country 9, Vladimir Zayonchkovsky. The university is proud of these talented young creative people known all over Ukraine. And the real stars were specially invited to this project - so that its participants could see that they have something to strive for and that if you want and by trying hard you can attain very great heights in your work at a young age. At the National University "Odessa Law Academy" for students created such an opportunity - to grow and develop.

Of course, it is very cool that Sergey Vasilievich continues to support the youth, such events are organized here. It is very cool. It is necessary to continue in the same spirit and everything will be super. - says Andrei Voskalo.

I'm glad I was invited. Once again, thanks to the academy and Sergey Vasilievich Kivalov, my native faculty, for giving me the opportunity here to say, to be born as a humorist, as a lawyer. But the impressions are bombed. - noted Yuri Stepanets.

An editorial-directing team was involved in the project, which included Grigory Gushchin (League of Laughter, KVN Major League, “Odessa Mans”) and Nikita Belykh (League of Laughter “De Richelieu”).
We have been living with the guys for a month. They forced each other to do something, they cursed somewhere, somewhere they did not understand each other. But here we come to the final result. The makings are definitely there. We with all the guys say that they go to perform on the urban scene. Next to the All-Ukrainian. We have city projects where we always call our children.
- says Nikita White.

All the guys want to joke, and many do it well. In terms of humor, it was not bad, but for the first time it was generally fine. This hall was not always a hall of academic format, the scene is very wide, and the guys fill it up. The initiative of the leadership of the Law Academy deserves the highest marks, and it will certainly bear fruit. Far from every university is like.
- evaluates the work of the contestants Grigoriy Gushchin, editor of the Academy of Laughter.

There is such a wonderful tradition in the Odessa Law Academy - to hold a competition of student creative works within the framework of the Civil Process Week. Yes, the civil process is a very serious academic discipline, at the academy there are round tables, scientific conferences, but one day at this annual event is specially designed so that students can use a non-standard approach to studying it - here the flight of students' imagination is in no way limited - vocal, dance numbers and, of course, humorous - standup, miniatures. Along with the festival, KVN is one of the most favorite competitions among students, because they can do everything, even in such a complex and serious academic discipline, to see humor and positive - probably this is one of the secrets of the fact that the guys are so friendly and achieve great success. And the leadership of the academy, for its part, is trying by all means to ease the perception of the driest and seemingly non-humorous disciplines to its students: For 20 years, the University has issued the Criminal Code in jokes and cartoons. Article of the Criminal Code - anecdote. In this combination, the object is absorbed better and stronger. All finalists, except for vouchers to the Zatoka recreation center and valuable prizes, will receive a copy of such a textbook.

We did everything to attract the guys to participate in this project, and I am very pleased that he is well perceived. Everything suggests that it will become one of the business cards of the city. And this is despite the fact that among our students from Odessa is only 5 percent. That is, we have attracted young people from other regions to increase the glory of our city. It is very important that the work on the project is a long and creative process. The guys are constantly busy with this extracurricular teamwork, they are involved in an interesting exciting activity, it's better than being left to themselves. Therefore, we hope that our youngest students - students of colleges and vocational schools - will also soon join the Academy of Laughter.

- Sergey Kivalov evaluates the work of his charges.

It must be said that Sergei Vasilyevich had to regret his jury membership: it was too difficult to choose the winner, because all the participants are their own, equally loved ones. On this day, many interesting contests awaited them, many opportunities to show their talent and creativity. But thanks to the many nominations, no one went unnoticed. The contestants have come a long way of becoming creative at university comic events and now shone on the stage, delighting the audience and considerably complicating the main task of the jury - the choice of the winner.
One of the sponsors of the event was the Translation Department. The General Director of the Department, Irina Kalyuzhnaya, notes that she received only positive emotions.
Naturally, after such an event, the impressions are only positive. They cannot be negative. A lot of emotions, a lot of positive. All evening, the whole event was smiling, laughing, the company is good, the atmosphere is great. Everything is wonderful.
- she shared.

Other sponsoring organizations that supported the event include the Mongoose public organization, which has been working closely with the Odessa Law Academy and the International Humanitarian University for more than 10 years.
Today, the Mongoose public organization led by Magomed Magdiyev also sponsored the event. We all know that laughter prolongs our life. I am very pleased that such events take place as they develop us, give us the opportunity to laugh, pursue, develop our sense of humor. - noted Tatyana Akulenko, executive director of the NGO "Mangust".

According to the results of the competition, the Caesar Salad team, which represented the faculty of civil and economic justice, won the first place.
A lot of emotions. We are very pleased. Of course, thanks for this to Sergey Vasilievich Kivalov, for giving such an opportunity for us to win and show yourself. In fact, it is a complicated one. We use the inside bag. That is, the walls of our faculty of civil and economic justice gave us them.
- says Angelina Bevzyuk, the team of "Caesar Salad".

Note that the faculty of the prosecutor’s office and the investigation “Who are these people?” Also fought for the championship with “Salad Caesar”. According to the results of the performances, the students had the same number of points, therefore they competed for the presidential cup in an additional competition.
In the beginning it may be fear. It can appear when you finally step on the stage, feel this thrill, this drive of emotions. When you speak to people, you know that you have good jokes. And they really go to people. That is, in the end you want to go out, sighing with relief, and look at the happy faces of people who sit with smiles after your humor. - says Yuri Kurchevsky, the team "Who are these people?".
You can be sure that this event will be very popular with students and all residents of our city, it will become traditional, annual, expand its geography through participants from other universities and cities, and discover many talents that will be sounded throughout Ukraine in the near future!