“Easter is the main holiday of the year for Christians around the world. This day embodies the deep meaning of Orthodox learning: the Son of God, in the form of a man, accepted suffering and martyrdom for the sins of all people and, being reborn, saved humanity from the power of the evil. The events that preceded the origin of this holiday are described in the New Testament by all four evangelists —Matvey, Mark, Luke, and Ioann. The Holy Scripture tells us about the Lord’s way to Mount Golgotha, His crucifixion and suffering on the Cross on Good Friday, his burial in a cave near the place of execution, and how the angels appeared to the myrrh-bearing women and announced the resurrection of Jesus. Almost two thousand years have passed since that moment, and this good news still gives great joy to all believers and hope for eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven. The brightest and most joyous holiday of the year symbolizes spiritual renewal, the awakening for a new life. It is customary to celebrate it for 40 days before the day of the Ascension of the Christ.
We meet the Resurrection of the Christ with pure thoughts and good deeds. The holy feast comes to our homes, fills our hearts with strong faith, sincere joy and great love.
Dear believers! From the bottom of my heart I congratulate you on the great holiday of Easter of Christ! May the day of true celebration bring health to you, your family and friends, comfort and harmony in every family and strength for good deeds! God bless each of us! Let peace and prosperity always reign in the native land! Christ is Risen! ”, Wrote on his official Facebook page a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, President of the International Humanitarian University Sergey Kivalov.